Market Garden Week 4

4/25/17 Tuesday

Harvested asparagus for the very first time today. Had to cut through unkempt weeds in the asparagus rows to find decent and tall ones. We had to bring a bucket of water because once harvested, asparagus dries out very easily. I was told that asparagus are able to grow about 10 inches overnight. It also takes about 10 years for it to fully mature and harvestable. If left unharvested for too long, however, it will start flowering and the offsprings will send signals to the parent plants that reproducing is not necessary.



Asparagus are able to grow over 10inches overnight!

I later helped Hannah set up the irrigation pipes in the North-West Field. The initial process of setting it up correctly is vital because errors would make the process much difficult. This is because the pipes are considerably heavier once the water is pumped into the pipe. We have to flush water through the pipes first to get rid of the dirt and dust within the pipes. I learned about the “Water Hammer effect”; where if the water pumped is turned on too quickly and too sudden, it would cause the water to speed through the pipes and ricochet back, potentially bursting and damaging the pipes in the process.



It’s my first time assisting with the irrigation pipes set up.


Testing the integrity of the pipes.


Hannah hard at work.



Market Garden Week 3


4/18/17 Tuesday

Started out the day by harvesting a pound of chocolate mints. Considering they’re not very heavy, I had to go back on the North Field a few times.



Shoveling dirt on the mulch layer; I do enjoy getting my hands dirty!


After that’s done, I helped transported the white mulch layer from the tomato rows in the North Field to the Summer Garden. After laying them down, I had to shovel dirt about every few inches on the mulch layer.

Today I learned:

  • Weeds are just unwanted plants.



4/20/17 Thursday

Began the day by heading out to the North Field to assist with harvesting carrots. These carrots were planted around November-December of last year.



Harvesting carrots with the crew

We later washed, packaged and sorted the carrots using a really amazing packaging machine.



Today I learned:

  • Carrots were predominantly red. The orange carrots that we’re all accustomed to is a product of mutation.

Market Garden Week 2

Caught a cold on this week. Decided it was best to not to head to the farm. The weather was mostly rainy all week too. Luckily it wasn’t pouring on the day that we had a picnic on the Eco-Garden. On the contrary, it was really beautiful outside on that Friday afternoon.


Another beautiful day on the North Field at the Market Garden


We had a wonderful picnic and shirt printing on the Eco-Garden during the only day it was sunny that week.

Hopefully, it’ll be sunny for the following week and also for picnic day weekend!

First week at the Market Garden

Monday 4/3/17

  • Orientation, safety training, and tour around the Market Garden.
  • Met Leigh, Sara, Raoul, and Hannah today.

Tuesday 4/4/17

  • The first day working on the Market Garden. Started around 8:30 in the morning.
  • Headed over to the greenhouse first to prepare the seedlings for transplantation.



Blooming seedlings in the greenhouse!


  • Before heading to the fields, Raoul showed me how to handle the seedlings before transplanting them. We dip the seedlings for about 15 seconds in water mixed with fertilizers to give the seedlings a small boost in nutrients before planting them on the fields.



First time on the back of a tractor!


  • First time on the back of a tractor; begun transplanting rows of tomatoes.
    (Have to find out the 3 kinds I planted)
  • Learned how to handle and laying down drip tape along the rows.
  • After we finished we headed towards the strawberry rows on the north field to help with site preparation of the black mulch papers for strawberries to help kickstart a process called “soil solarization”; this practice helps manage weed, pests & diseases in the soil. Ended my shift at 12 pm.
  • Met Whitney, Daisy, Steve, and Claire today.

Thursday 4/6/17


Sorting and washing the harvest for the CSA orders

  • Harvested Radish and Bok Choy on the summer field with Rebecca for the CSA.
  • Proceeded to sort out and wash the day’s harvest for the CSA orders.
  • Started around 9 am and ended at 11:40 am.
  • Met Aryana, Rebecca, and Wilson today.