Market Garden Week 3


4/18/17 Tuesday

Started out the day by harvesting a pound of chocolate mints. Considering they’re not very heavy, I had to go back on the North Field a few times.



Shoveling dirt on the mulch layer; I do enjoy getting my hands dirty!


After that’s done, I helped transported the white mulch layer from the tomato rows in the North Field to the Summer Garden. After laying them down, I had to shovel dirt about every few inches on the mulch layer.

Today I learned:

  • Weeds are just unwanted plants.



4/20/17 Thursday

Began the day by heading out to the North Field to assist with harvesting carrots. These carrots were planted around November-December of last year.



Harvesting carrots with the crew

We later washed, packaged and sorted the carrots using a really amazing packaging machine.



Today I learned:

  • Carrots were predominantly red. The orange carrots that we’re all accustomed to is a product of mutation.

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