Market Garden Week 9

Didn’t go this week as I was swamped with school work and also felt very overwhelmed.

Also it’s Ramadan so I felt like I should take it easy for abit.


Market Garden Week 8

Tuesday 5/22/17

We’re almost towards the end of the quarter now and I have to admit that I really do enjoy working on the farm. It’s definitely helped me become healthier physically and also mentally. There’s just something about the tranquility of working on the farm that satisfies the soul.

Thursday 5/25/17

Moved irrigation pipes with Alex today. What a chill guy to work with.

Market Garden Week 7

Tuesday 5/15/17

Today was eventful, I worked in the greenhouse for the first time! It was fun working with seedlings as I also intern at the nursery for the arboretum.
The tomatoes along the walls of the greenhouse looked gorgeous.

Then I learned what perlite was for the first time. Had to even look it up on Wikipedia because I couldn’t comprehend fully what it was even after Hannah explained it.

Compost, perlite, and peat moss are mixed to make the soil.

Nothing better than to get the hands dirty!

Thursday 5/18/17

My family friend from Malaysia was visiting Davis today and I  wanted to show him around the farm too but unfortunately, I was feeling under the weather so I decided to not to head to the farm.

But here’s a picture of the wonderful seedlings in the greenhouse I took on Tuesday.


Market Garden Week 6

Tuesday 5/9/17

Learned how to sanitize the tools and baskets today using bleach.

It’s getting pretty warm lately, I wonder how the crops are going to fare in this weather?

Thursday 5/11/17

Didn’t feel too well today and decided to rest instead of heading over to the farm.