Market Garden Week 7

Tuesday 5/15/17

Today was eventful, I worked in the greenhouse for the first time! It was fun working with seedlings as I also intern at the nursery for the arboretum.
The tomatoes along the walls of the greenhouse looked gorgeous.

Then I learned what perlite was for the first time. Had to even look it up on Wikipedia because I couldn’t comprehend fully what it was even after Hannah explained it.

Compost, perlite, and peat moss are mixed to make the soil.

Nothing better than to get the hands dirty!

Thursday 5/18/17

My family friend from Malaysia was visiting Davis today and I  wanted to show him around the farm too but unfortunately, I was feeling under the weather so I decided to not to head to the farm.

But here’s a picture of the wonderful seedlings in the greenhouse I took on Tuesday.



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